Landscape (pencil sketch)

This sketch is an exercise in drawing landscapes. I decided to focus on the old barn as my subject with the water and small dam system in the foreground, and the mountains as a backdrop. This let me include the elements of water, mountains, and structure in a single composition.

Landscape, pencil on paper, 9"x12",  © 2011 Cindy Lapeña
Landscape, pencil on paper, 9″x12″, © 2011 Cindy Lapeña

Covered Bridge (pencil sketch)

I find covered bridges fascinating, as I do old architecture, so living in the Atlantic Maritimes gives me so many beautiful or striking subjects to practice my drawing on. I look forward to making more trips to photograph and paint or draw scenery, architecture, and people in the Atlantic Maritimes.

Covered Bridge, pencil on paper, 9"x12", © 2015 Cindy Lapeña
Covered Bridge, pencil on paper, 9″x12″, © 2014 Cindy Lapeña